Why do you need an Infrared Thermography Inspection?

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Thermography involves the use of IR (Infrared) imaging to perform non-destructive testing of building elements in an office building or a home. Thermography is able to detect unwanted sources of heat in the walls, where heat might be leaking due to overheating of cables and wiring circuits, and other electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, faulty wiring of water heating unit, or even due to unwanted pests like possums and rats and Termites crawling inside the electrical ducts in your walls.

For people who are planning to move in a recently bought house in India, going for Infrared Thermography services in India can be great move in ensuring that the home they are moving to is devoid of such overheating issues in the house. And if there any issues detected, they can be resolved in advance before moving in the house.

If you are considering moving to a new house in Delhi, then it would be a really smart move on your part to hire thermography services in Delhi. Once the complete scan of your new house is carried out thoroughly by the company offering you these services, you will get a complete picture of the nagging issues hidden in the walls of the new home that you have bought for living. A clear picture of the defects will help you in maximizing your energy savings by undertaking preventive and predictive maintenance of the areas that need attention, and immediate intervention in high risk area to negate the risk of equipment failure.

By availing thermography services, you will get a complete thermal inspection of the house you are planning to move in. This inspection will pinpoint the sources that are experiencing maximum energy loss due to poor insulation and improper installation of electrical equipment. This inspection will also detect the sources of air leaks; find areas that are affected by moisture, mold and fungi, and also identify heating defects under the floor as well.

Thermography services will help you in identifying the following issues in the new house or building:

  • Locate deteriorating components which are emitting high temperature
  • Carry out non-destructive testing to check the heat signatures of the house
  • Detect loose wiring connections, improperly installed and corroded electrical circuits that can be a serious fire hazard
  • Identify defects and conditions of equipment, before they spiral into a serious problem
  • Pinpointing the area of concern becomes far easier with Infrared Thermography Inspection
  • Locate electrical defects in the PCB (printed circuit boards)
    Assess the circuits on a switchboard that are consuming maximum power
  • Find faulty connections or overheated joints before they cause damage to equipment or stock
  • Check for imbalance in the phase supply load
  • Check the under floor heating for any defect
  • Find substations, transformers and other electrical components that are over heated

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