Regular cleaning of Air Conditioning Duct is extremely important!


The primary function of an Air conditioning duct is to carry cool air from the air conditioning unit inside the room, and flush out warm and stale air from the room. In central air conditioning units, ducts serve a dual purpose, for heating as well as for filtration of air. But why is it that we need regular cleaning of these air conditioning ducts? After all, they are only supplying air through a narrow channel, and what harm a little bit of dust gathered in the duct could cause to anybody?

Contrary to our perception, this handful of dust gathering every day in the duct does not contain only dust particles. It also contains pollen grains, skin tissues, and other contaminants present in the atmosphere. And to top it all, is the moisture content in the duct, which makes ideal conditions for growth of mould, fungi and bacteria that thrive in damp areas.

As these contaminants and accumulated dirt stack up in the duct, they start affecting the quality of air as it passes through them inside the room. And the inhabitants of the room are totally oblivious of the infected air that they are now breathing inside the room. Without regular of air conditioning duct, the inhabitants of the house will keep on breathing the infected air, which could ultimately lead to breathing problems, asthma and allergic reactions as well.

This is precisely the reason why regular cleaning of AC duct is extremely important, because you can’t allow your duct to gather containments that could pose a serious danger to your health. If you have not bothered to get your AC duct cleaned for quite some time, then you must call air conditioning duct cleaning services at the earliest for thorough cleaning of your duct. And once the cleaning has been completed, you will instantly notice the difference in the air quality of the room.

Apart from the health safety aspect, a poorly maintained duct can also lower down the machine’s efficiency almost by 40%. This would have a direct impact on the energy bills, because the compressor will have to work overtime to maintain the desired cooling levels inside. Although a lot of people have a lacklustre attitude in India towards AC duct cleaning, because they don’t see any danger in a handful of dust gathering in their AC duct. But as awareness levels about hygiene and health go up in the country, more and more people are beginning to understand the importance of regular cleaning of AC ducts.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Duct cleaning:

  • Maintain good air quality
  • Boost energy efficiency
  • Protect cooling equipment

If you are looking for duct cleaning in Chennai, please ensure that they use vacuum as well as compression system that are certified by National Air Duct Association (NADCA). Though, different companies have different ways of performing tasks. But, there are certain baselines that one should expect from duct cleaning companies in India. Open access ports are crucial for cleaning the entire duct system and use of HEPA vacuum equipment to ensure that the ductwork is protected and intact during cleaning.

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