Check the air you are breathing inside with Indoor Air Quality Testing


Indoor Air Quality is primarily the quality of air that we breathe inside our offices, homes, schools, colleges or any other enclosed structure, which has its own air regulation system. This quality of indoor air is mainly dependent upon two factors that include temperature conditions prevailing indoors, and the level of pollutants present in the air, which can seriously affect the health and performance ability of the inhabitants in the indoor space.

Many studies in the past have given enough evidence to suggest that Indoor Air Quality can be a lot worse than the air quality outside in many instances. These studies have also suggested that office goers who stay indoors in their offices most of the time are more prone to breathing and asthmatic troubles than those who spend most of their outside in the open. A recent report published by World Health Organization says that almost 33% of all the new buildings constructed across the globe are actually not safe for use by humans because of poor indoor air quality.

Just take a look at some of the prime sources of pollutants that are responsible for deteriorating the indoor air quality (IAQ) in our buildings:

  • Particles of Skin that we shred everyday
  • Pollen grains that cause allergic reactions
  • Organic Compounds present in varnishes, wax and pesticides
  • Tobacco smoke emitted during smoking
  • Different body odors emitted from the inhabitants
  • Carbon dioxide present in perfumes
  • Dust mites from fabric, carpets and chair cushions
  • Ozone emitted from electric motors and electrostatic air cleaners
  • Fungi, moulds and bacteria growing on stored water and damp areas

With so many air polluting sources present in our indoor environment, it becomes necessary that we do something concrete in this regard. And the best place to start is hiring the services of an IAQ testing company to get the quality of our indoor air checked first as soon as possible. If the IAQ test results indicate that the quality of air in unhealthy, then the next best step would be to take corrective measures in this regard by hiring an appropriate service provider who specializes in providing these services.

In today’s scenario, where everybody seems concerned about the environment and the quality of air we are breathing every day, IAQ testing services have actually become the need of the hour. Governments around the world are making it mandatory for new buildings to go through the IAQ testing before the building can be declared safe for human habitation. If you too are moving your house or office in a new building, you should also make sure that the building has been deemed fit for living by a government certified IAQ testing agency.

Please also make sure that the building you are moving to has air filters installed in the Air conditioning ducts to improve air quality and an effective ventilation system in place to dilute all the contaminants present in the air.

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