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Data Center Cleaning

Data center cleaning is very important for any data center maintenance program to ensure high performance. Data center cleaning includes computer room cleaning and server room cleaning. By removing the dirt and dust buildup, system reliability and uptime is increased. Also, cleaning extends the life of electronic devices and servers. Data centers are designed so that they can host the IT equipments that forms the backbone of company`s infrastructure. Downtime can cause major disruptions to the systems and operations of the company. It is thus important to minimize the downtime and maximize availability. Data centers get contaminated from internal sources such as poor building maintenance and post construction practices and also from external sources. If contamination is left unchecked it can cause heat build up and can lead to failure of the potential equipment. Since there are network signals, particulate matter and heat sources in the data centers which can cause severe catastrophic loss of uptime, cause fire and indoor air pollution

Clean Air services provide data center cleaning services including cleaning of floor surfaces, sub floor and ceiling voids, carpet cleaning, HVAC components and cable trays etc. Our certified expert staff is well aware of all the cautions that should be employed during cleanings in data centers. They are trained to work in active data center environments. Data center cleaning requires elimination of unseen particles and all contaminants that can harm the network, servers and data storage equipments. This is what we do and we are one of the best in our work.


Certificates & Approvals

NADCA Certified OHSAS 18001 IAQA Membership ISO 9001:2008