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Infrared Thermography (IRT) Inspection

Objects having temperature above 0 degree Kelvin emit infrared radiation. Infrared Thermography is the method that detects the infrared energy emitted from the object and then displays the information as visual image.

Unexpected and abnormal thermal patterns indicates that there is a problem with the equipment which may include conditions such as steam leaks, loose electrical connections, overloaded circuits, deteriorated insulation, insufficient lubrication etc. Preventive measures and routine inspections may reduce failures but it cannot help in identifying the trouble spots.

Infrared thermography is a non destructive method of testing. By undertaking an infrared thermography (IRT) analysis on equipments it becomes possible to detect the problem at an early stage and it can be rectified easily. A thermo graphic scan can easily find a loose connection whose repairing might cost only $100 but if it is not detected, it might result in fire leading to loss of life and property. Even there is no downtime required thus production losses are reduced. This increases the life of equipment and reduces the repair and maintenance costs leading to increased productibility and profitability.

Clean Air Services has years of experience in providing thermal imaging solutions to clients. We will provide a complete scanning of the suspected hotspots that might not get identified by visual inspections. Proper verification will be done whether electrical connections are not loose and they are made properly. Our technicians will give you recommendations regarding rectifying the problem and suggestions for maintenance schedule. The inspection will be carried out without shutting down the services i.e., while the system is under load. Thus, there will be no disruption in your normal routine operations. It is important to make right choice of the thermography inspection company to get the most out of infrared thermography survey. Clean Air Services allows you to make best use of time and money. You concentrate on your core areas of work and leave the rest on us!!


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