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Duct Leakage Testing

Ducts are used for supplying conditioned air to several parts of the building. These duct systems are made up of metal sheet, flexible duct tubing or duct tube. There are many joints and connections in the duct systems that are possible sources of leakages. Leaky ducts may rob the heating or cooling capacity and efficiency of your building.

Insufficiently sealed ducts may interfere with the operations of your systems, reduce quality of air and create high noise levels. Small leaks that remain undetectable can become big and costly problems in future. Leaky ducts can increase the A.C and heating bills, reduce the performance of the equipment and may result in indoor air pollution by pulling irritants and pollutants inside. Leaks in air duct systems are regarded as a major source of wastage of energy. Studies indicate that 25% of the total house energy loss can be accounted by duct leakage. Proper installation and sealing of the duct work can reduce leakages leading to operating cost savings.

At Clean Air Services, our team of certified employees use the advanced methods and testing equipments to find the deficiencies in the ducts. We give you reliable testing results so that you can be assured of your ducts resulting in improved space temperature and humidity control, increased system efficiency and decreased maintenance of HVAC systems.

Duct leakage testing service is a special service provided by our company which includes HVAC Air duct leakage testing, laundry duct testing, and kitchen grease extraction systems testing. Our duct pressure testing methods help us to quickly identify the leaks and assist the contractor to remedy them efficiently. Clean Air Services can provide services to perform field test on any duct system and provide you with certified test results. Contact us today for more information on our duct leakage testing services.


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