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Laundry Duct Cleaning

Laundry duct cleaning is very important and should be done timely. People hesitate in taking laundry duct cleaning services because of high costs but if vents are not cleaned timely, it can be hazardous. Lint is generated when the clothes are dried in the drying process. Laundry dryer vents are full of lint which can be dangerous as it catches fire easily. Commercial laundries and hotels have laundry duct extraction systems. They remove the moisture laden hot air from the dryers and exhaust it outdoors. Hot air contains lint particles which can stack up in the ducts. That`s why it is recommended to get these systems cleaned from time to time to prevent the risk of blockages and fire.

According to deaths (Consumer Product Safety Commission) there are around 15500 dryer fires annually, over 310 injuries and up to 30 deaths because of dryer exhaust duct fires. A clogged vent reduces the efficiency of drying clothes.

The symptoms or warning signs that vents are full of lint are:

  • Automatic turning off of the dryer units.
  • Each load takes more time to dry leading to increase costs on your part
  • Sometimes clothes are not dried properly
  • There is some burnt smell in the laundry room
  • The dryer may get hot from outside.
  • Increased humidity in the laundry room
  • Clothes are hotter when the drying cycle is over.
  • Rusting of the ducts.

Clean Air Services, a laundry duct cleaning company, specialized in the access, inspection and the removal of lint from laundry duct extraction systems. We recommend that cleaning should be undertaken after every 5-6 months in order to avoid build-up of lint.

Clean dryer vents prevents the threat of dryer fires, the drying time will get reduced leading to reduced energy bills and cost savings. This will save time and money. Even the maintenance calls are reduced; fewer repairs will be required as clean dryer vents work more efficiently and quickly. The process really pays for itself!!


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