Do you really need regular cleaning of your Laundry Duct?

laundry duct cleaning companies

If you have a laundry wash installed in your premises, then you are also bound to have a laundry duct attached to it for flushing all the dirt and grime washed out from the clothes during cleaning.

Depending upon the volume of laundry you are washing every day, and the dirt and grime being flushed out through the laundry duct with every wash, there is going to be a significant amount of dust and lint depositing inside the duct over a period of time. This mixture of dust and lint particles usually tends to gather around the bends and elbows in the laundry duct, and could easily stack up over time to form a thick layer of wash debris inside the duct. And if this dirt and lint deposition is allowed to continue unabated in the duct, it could very easily clog the duct and force you to replace your entire ducting altogether.

This extractions duct is also meant to flush out the hot and moist air coming out of the dryers in your laundry wash. With blockage in the ducting due to deposition of lint and grime, you can imagine the load it will put on the exhaust fan, which could easily result in the blowing up of motors or increased levels of energy consumption. If you don’t want to get into this hassle and the extra expense of replacing the entire duct, your best bet will be to hire a good laundry duct cleaning services for getting your laundry duct cleaned in time before the lint and grime starts clogging the ducting line again. The deposition of lint and grime inside the laundry duct is so severe in most instances that most of the residential hotels and commercial laundries have permanent tie ups with laundry duct cleaning companies to ensure cleaning of their laundry ducting on a regular basis.

Hiring a professional to carry out the cleaning of your laundry duct will give you complete piece of mind regarding the smooth functioning of your laundry services. The professionals hired to carry out the job would first take a close look the ducting for identifying the areas of blockage. Then they access the areas and remove all the lint and grime that has been clogging your laundry duct. They would also take pictures of duct before cleaning, and also after cleaning to give you photographic evidence about the quality and efficiency of their duct cleaning job.

If you own a laundry mart in Hyderabad, or you are planning to own one in the near future, then you will also need to hire the services of a good company that can offer top class duct cleaning in Hyderabad. Moreover, if you don’t want you laundry services to come to a complete halt due to breakdowns caused by clogging in the duct, you will also need to have a bi-yearly cleaning schedule in place for keeping your laundry duct in a healthy working condition all the time.

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